What do you see Natalie?


Natalie from Hey Natalie Jean is probably one of my favorite bloggers, hands down. She is so fun. And her son… i could just eat him up. She doesn’t do a lot of style posts, but when she does, she does it right…looking off into the distance. 

Here, since she lives in busy NYC, I think she just saw Woody Allen. And she is doing everything humanly possible to play it cool. Other than stare at him as he walks…which is far better than I would do. And she is probably trying her hardest not to yell out lines from Annie Hall. “I LUFF YOU”. Props to you, playin’ it cool Natalie. Bravo.

What are you looking at Ashley?

Ring My Bell is a great blog if you love fashion, or you are a fan of the ABC show Revenge. Because Ashley played…Ashley…on the show!

Here I think Ashley isn’t just standing on her own street. Or even just a street in LA. No. I think she is standing on the set of the show, though she wasn’t on the final episode of the season…and I think she is trying to look like she’s just chillin’ in her amazing boots when in fact she is trying to see WHO SHOT EMILY. What better way to go incognito while spying on the set of the show that you are kind not really on anymore, than pretending to do a style shoot for your fashion blog! BRILLIANT

What’s that Brandi?


This picture might be a new favorite. Not just because Brandi from Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno is looking away, but because it kind of looks like she might be singing. And I’d like to think that she is. My guess is that she is singing Jenny from the Block by Jennifer Lopez. Not because it has anything to do with the surroundings (since she is in LA) but because that song has been in my head lately, and I think Brandi would be down with it. And I assume she is looking at a pigeon that is dancing along to her singing.

What are you looking at Naomi?


Naomi from Love Taza doesn’t do a lot of solo outfit pictures. Normally she has her adorable kids or fun husband in there with her. So when I saw this today, I had to jump on it.

Here, I believe Naomi is taking in the scenery on top of her building’s roof. I think she was mid-pose, trying to look like she was about to taste the hood of her coat, and something happening in one of the windows of a neighboring building caught her eye. My 2 theories are: Ugly Naked Guy from “Friends” on an elliptical machine or someone attempting to learn the entire dance routine to Britney Spears “Oops I Did It Again” in their living room. Either one of those would’ve caught my eye Naomi. You are not alone.

What’s over there Elsie?

Elsie Larson

Elsie is the 2nd half of A Beautiful Mess. She also can get distracted from time to time during their Sister Style photo shoots. Here I think she see’s a guy juggling chainsaws. Now, to some of us, that would be mildly terrifying. We’d have more of a panicked look on our faces. But Elsie is fully confident in his ability and that is why she has a calm, yet gleeful smile on her face.

What are you looking at Mandi?

'60s style fashion blogging

Mandi from Making Nice in the Midwest is another favorite of mine. I adore all her vintage clothing and love of old movies.

Here I think she is watching a rude and entitled person get a parking ticket. They probably parked in front of a Starbucks with their hazard lights on in a “no parking” area, ran in to get their grande pumpkin spice latte and came out furious that they were getting a ticket. The cop was probably chewing them out. And this is Mandi’s satisfied “justice is served” smirk.

What caught your eye Keiko?


Keiko Lynn is a very popular blog. She is lovely and takes stunning pictures. In this one, I am sure she was looking at the camera, but then looked down at her lovely dress. At that point, she might have begun to panic about how she was going to ride her bike in this dress without flashing everyone she passes. And then opted to walk beside it like I do when I don’t want to go up a hill. Wise choice Keiko.

James, what do you see?


James from Bleubird Vintage is too cool for school. It’s ok…people still say that.
Here James is enjoying a quiet moment away from her adorable children. I think she isn’t really looking at anything, but just deep in thought. My guess is she is thinking about Jiro from the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi…which of course leads to thinking of sushi. And we all get lost when thinking of sushi, am I right?